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International Executive Protection Course 2015

A special thank you to all those who made this years

International Executive Protection Course a success.

Thank you to the York County (SC) Sheriff's Office for

hosting this course for the 4th year!

Congratulations to our students from the following agencies that graduated this years course:

- South Carolina Department of Public Safety

- York County Sheriff's Office

- Rock Hill Police Department

- KDI Protective Services of South Carolina

Next years dates have been announced and are posted on our training page.  November 13 - 20, 2016.


Introducing Lou Pimber

Actor, Model, Police Trainer, Film Maker, 

Motivational Speaker

He is most known for his role on the hit television series "Breaking Bad", but Lou cut his acting teeth during an extensive law enforcement career where he conducted narcotics and gang related investigations as a deep cover member of the elite HIDTA drug task force.  This was proceeded by work as an intelligence operator with the U. S. Army.

After his law enforcement career abruptly ended due to a job related injury, Lou quickly became a recognized face when he began his acting career.

He has appeared in numerous films, was consulted by the writers of the television show "Gang Related" and co-wrote, executive produced and starred in the award winning short film titled "Duress".

Lou is a dedicated father who is often seen acting with his son, MarcAnthony Pimber, and daughter, Nicole Pimber.

His real-world experiences have led him to become a sought after motivational speaker, trainer and movie fight/weapons


Lou is an instrumental part of KDI's own video production division "One In Custody Productions™"


A testimonial we recently received from a police officer and graduate of the International EP Course:

"Being in law enforcement for over a decade and being fortunate enough to go to many military and law enforcement courses, I am able to provide class critique that is of benefit to others who are wanting to take similar classes or are in similar fields.  Prior to taking KDI Protective Services week long EP class, my mindset of executive protection was very narrow and limited to only what I saw as the immediate law enforcement side of doing the tedious ground work and supporting the "camera angle" guys who got all the limelight.  But after taking Karl's class, it really reaffirmed that this was truly team work.  No one person or element made the difference between mission failure and mission success.  You succeed or fail as one!  In this course, Karl and the entire KDI team bring  you as close to the real thing as one can possibly imagine.  They don't just test your physical and mental abilities, they test your psychological fortitude and your willingness to see the mission through.  KDI is a company set on making you a VIP protection professional and they have the means and resources to not only continually provide you with the knowledge and training you need for future missions, but also provide you with valuable assets ad contacts that will benefit you and your agency for years to come.  Even if you want to explore the profession of executive protection in post retirement.  Let's face it, if you're an Alpha, how much golf and fishing can you do after retirement?  Some will say that I'm drinking the preverbal "Kool Aid" that KDI has to offer, but I can tell you that they brought to a hardened veteran a new perspective that helps me see all aspects of my daily job, whether investigations, patrol or tactical, with a fresh new perspective."


Police Officer in the United States

(Anonymity for Current Assignment Purposes) 

"Don't Let the Bad Guys Win"

Check out Karl's blog page

titled For Your Safety at

ACTIVE SHOOTER:  Countering the Threat  (NC PPSB Approved for Continuing Education)

(an 8-hour course approved for continuing education credits by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board .

NC PPSB Course #14-929)

Next class: Tuesday, March 28th, 2017       Time:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: 13850 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Charlotte, North Carolina 28277 

Come join the instructors of Team KDI for a course that will both enhance your knowledge

of active shooter situations and also test your skills, should you become involved in an

active shooter situation. Prior registration is required.  





"This Riot & Crowd Control course was exactly

what I needed as a new Team Commander to

better prepare me for the challenges of managing

a Mobile Field Force in today's uncertain environment. 

The built in Train=the-Trainer concept taught just about

every aspect of crowd control from the planning phase

to intelligence gathering and operations.  The section on

networking with other agencies was invaluable!  I am

confident that with the information I obtained in this

weeks training that I am knowledgeable to brief my

command staff and build a professional and effective

Mobile Field Force team."
Detective Scott V.
Georgia Law Enforcement Officer

"Thank You Karl! I thoroughly enjoyed your Advanced

SWAT course and learned the complexity of dealing

with executive protection. You have opened my eyes

in this field of police work that I have not seen in my

32+ years of service. The depth that you took the class

was excellent and your team building skills showed

me a new direction with my team. I look forward with

working with you again."

Captain Tim H.

Georgia Law Enforcement Officer

Team KDI in the news...

News report on Advanced SWAT course

News report on Riot & Crowd Control  course

"Your team has brought us peace of mind." - Gary Dickison, Owner, Bull Engineering

"A great team to work with." - Robert Bonasia, United States Secret Service (Ret.)

"You training course was filled with energy!" - Cason Bolton, Owner, Empire Protective Services

"Unquestionable professionalism." - Norman Finley, Private Bodyguard, Dallas, Texas

"American protectors at their finest!" - Andrea Lee, Dir. of Corporate Communications, Hissho Sushi

"Sometime within the next

12 months, you or someone

you know will be in need of

our services. When that time

comes, you know where to

reach us."

- Karl de la Guerra, PPS, CLSS

   Founder & CEO

Karl de la Guerra, Inc.        704-607-8762              

Protective Services Training 

International Security Consulting

KDI Protective Services of South Carolina 

"I am not in the habit of endorsing products.  But I believe in

                                                             both this item and in the

                                                             manufacturer to the

                                                            extent that I have accepted h                                                          a position as their

                                                            National Spokesman."

                                                            Karl de la Guerra

Setting up a perimeter during a medical

scenario at Piedmont Medical Center in

Rock Hill, SC during the 2015 EP course.

Keynote Speaker Jonathan Wallace III,

published author and owner of Native

Executive Security of Indianapolis, IN

during the 2015 EP Course graduation. 


In June of 2015, KDI founder Karl de la Guerra was asked by blade designer Richard Osborne, founder of Terrapin Bladeworks of Charlotte, North Carolina, to consult on a tactical knife design that Richard had in mind.  Karl asked if he could thrown in some ideas that he has always wanted to see in a tactical knife, and soon this project became a collaboration between KDI and Terrapin.

The resulting product has grabbed the attention of tactical knife users throughout the Carolinas! 

Our first offering, "The Protector" comes in two styles.  A presentation style, featuring a dark Coco Bolo wood handle designed as a presentation piece (complete with dark wood shadow box), a great graduation, retirement or birthday gift, and an operators style, featuring a resin infused burlap handle that gets sticky when wet, an end (known as the tang of a knife) featuring a unique design, created by Karl that combines both lethal and non-lethal design features, and a flat blade portion closest to the index finger (should it slip when encountering a solid mass). The blade is made of 01 high carbon tool steel.  There is also a great set of thumb serrations that hold the thumb in place when pressure is applied.

On Wednesday, October 14, "The Protector" was officially launched during an evening soiree at the KDI Tactical Operations Training Center during which Richard presented Model #1, Edition #1, of "The Protector" to Karl.

Karl and Richard recently presented their first laser etched presentation style to the Officer of the Year at the annual convention of the South Carolina (Police) Training Officers Association (SCTOA) in Myrtle Beach.

KDI and Terrapin are currently working on their second offering in "The Protector" line which will become "The Protector - Tactical".  A knife designed specifically for the tactical operator.  Release of this knife is anticipated to in December, 2015.  Just in time for Christmas.  Richard is taking advanced orders on this blade.   

Retailing for $275.00, each knife is custom made for the hand of the user.  Richard is currently looking at a 7 week turn around time from order.

For more information and to order a knife, please call 704-607-8762.



Karl appears each week at 7:00 PM on the Thursday evening news with anchor Maureen O'Boyle talking about his blog topic of the week.

Active Shooter: Countering the Threat. $150.00.  Register here via PayPal.

Introducing KDI's "The Protector" by Terrapin Bladeworks


5th Annual KDI International Executive Protection Course 

This 60-hour course is hosted by the South Carolina Training

Officers Association. Locations this year will include

the York County (SC) Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Training Center and the Lancaster County (SC) Sheriff's Office Training Center.  Be a part of this intense scenario based course.

For more information and to register, visit our training page.

Dates: April 9 - 15, 2017

Cost: $700.00