The Instructor Cadre of Team KDI will donate their time to conduct safety and security

presentations for any church or religious institution that asks.  If you have an interest in 

this community service, please go to our Contact Page on this website and let us know 

your concerns.


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"Thank You Karl! I thoroughly enjoyed your Advanced

SWAT course and learned the complexity of dealing

with executive protection. You have opened my eyes

in this field of police work that I have not seen in my

32+ years of service. The depth that you took the class

was excellent and your team building skills showed

me a new direction with my team. I look forward with

working with you again."

Captain Tim H.

Georgia Law Enforcement Officer

Team KDI in the news...

News report on Advanced SWAT course

News report on Riot & Crowd Control  course

"Your team has brought us peace of mind." - Gary Dickison, Owner, Bull Engineering

"A great team to work with." - Robert Bonasia, United States Secret Service (Ret.)

"You training course was filled with energy!" - Cason Bolton, Owner, Empire Protective Services

"Unquestionable professionalism." - Norman Finley, Private Bodyguard, Dallas, Texas

"American protectors at their finest!" - Andrea Lee, Dir. of Corporate Communications, Hissho Sushi

"Sometime within the next

12 months, you or someone

you know will be in need of

our services. When that time

comes, reach out and we'll 

be here for you."

- Karl de la Guerra

   Founder & CEO

Karl de la Guerra, Inc.        704-607-8762              

Protective Services Training 

International Security Consulting

KDI Protective Services of South Carolina 


In Pursuit of Community Safety & Security

From: Freedom Temple Security Task Force

Date:  July 18, 2015
Message:  Hi Karl, I just wanted to say thank you for opening your place to the men of our church this morning.  We had a great time. Our team learned a lot to help point us in the right direction. We are grateful for men such as yourself and people that have a passion for protecting others. May God continue to bless your team in all you do.


D. H.

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5-day Executive Protection/Dignitary Protection/Judicial Security Course

Sheriff Billy Hancock of the Crisp County (GA) Sheriff's Office has 

confirmed that his agency will host an upcoming 5-day EP course

in Cordele, Georgia.  This course will be open to law enforcement,

military and private sector protection professionals from through-

out the region.  This program is offered by First Line Security &

Training of Leesburg, GA, and will be instructed by the training

cadre of Team KDI, led by Karl de la Guerra.   

Dates: Monday, August 3, 2015 - Friday, August 7, 2015

Cost: $500.00 per student

"This Riot & Crowd Control course was exactly

what I needed as a new Team Commander to

better prepare me for the challenges of managing

a Mobile Field Force in today's uncertain environment. 

The built in Train=the-Trainer concept taught just about

every aspect of crowd control from the planning phase

to intelligence gathering and operations.  The section on

networking with other agencies was invaluable!  I am

confident that with the information I obtained in this

weeks training that I am knowledgeable to brief my

command staff and build a professional and effective

Mobile Field Force team."
Detective Scott V.
Georgia Law Enforcement Officer