All of our international security consultants have extensive travel experience both in the United States and abroad.

As a constituent member of the U. S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service Overseas Security Advisory Council (, we work very closely with the United States Department of State to ensure the safety and security of our traveling clients.

Many of our staff are fluent in foreign languages and all our staff are culturally diverse in the areas they travel..

Since our inception, we have traveled extensively throughout the United States and to such areas as Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

As standard equipment, our staff travel with a satellite phone (with both voice and data capability), and an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).  All our staff are certified in First Aid/CPR and AED.

Through our partner Special Operations Aid and Rescue (, we have personnel with advanced medical training and extensive emergency medical backgrounds available to travel internationally.

Almost every major jurisdiction in the world has laws governing the licensing of security professionals.  It is for this reason that KDI does not operate in an enforcement capacity outside of the jurisdictions in which we are duly licensed (i.e. The State of South Carolina).

For this reason, we have established a unique business model.  Utilizing our international network of licensed security operators, we are able to provide our clients with legal security services virtually anywhere in the world.  And to ensure quality control, a member of the KDI management team from the United States will accompany the client to ensure that their security needs are being met by the local team.

The following positions operate in an administrative capacity and based upon the clients needs, may travel with the client; security director, assistant director, team medic and command post operator.  All other members of the team would be locally licensed security professional (in some countries that may mean off duty police officers or military members).