KDI Protective Services of South Carolina

is listed as a support services provider in the South Carolina Film Commission Production Directory, offering uniformed and plain clothes armed security and VIP Protection to the film industry.  We are based in the upstate area.



KDI  Instructor Cadre:

Our Master Technical Role Experts -


K. D. - Technical Trainer, U.S. Military, SWAT, International Bodyguard, Corporate Security, Police Instructor, Airport Operations, Hotel Operations, International Operations, Police Motorcycle Officer, Police Traffic Accident Investigator, European and Asian Operations 

J. F. - Technical Trainer, Police Patrol, SWAT, Sniper, Police Detective, Defensive Tactics, Spanish Language

M. W. - Technical Trainer, Police Patrol, Police Supervisor, U.S. Military, Public School Teacher, European Operations

Our Technical Role Experts -


S. V. - Financial Crimes, Accountant

T. J. - Middle Eastern Operations, Egypt, Computer Software

D. L. - Federal Agent (Ret.), Undercover Operations, State Highway Patrol, Police Instructor

L. R. - U.S. Coast Guard, Martial Arts, Emergency Medicine, Magazine Publishing

E. M. - U.S. Military Special Operations, Middle Eastern Operations, Explosive Breaching

F. D. - U.S. Military, Fitness Trainer, Computer Programmer

L. P. - U.S. Military Intelligence, Police Patrol, Police Undercover Operations

J. L. - Latin American Operations, Cuba, Spanish Language

K. H. - Attorney, Law Professor

A. K. - PADI Certified Dive Master, Dive Instructor, Rescue Swimmer Instructor

M. H. - U.S. Military Officer, Airplane Pilot, Firearms Instructor

R. M. - Police Patrol, Police Community Relations, Security Officer

L. V. - Police SWAT Commander, Defensive Tactics, Firearms Instructor, Police Detective

S. G. - Police Patrol, SWAT, Defensive Tactics, Police Detective

R. H. - Art and Antiquities Consultant

R. B. - U. S. Secret Service (Ret.) and 

former NYPD Emergency Services Unit Officer

C. T. - Weapons Armorer


Event Poster

For more information and to speak with one of our entertainment industry trainers, give us a call at 704-607-8762.

Script Based Training Courses

Team KDI works closely with independent film makers and large studios to create customized training programs that are script specific.  For script based training, our team review the script, designs a training program for the required number of actors, then engages in role specific training based upon that script.  Training may include utilizing set mock-ups, firearms (realistic airsoft), vehicles (helicopters, planes, etc.) and various tactical training equipment. 



What is Saturation Training?

Team KDI utilizes "saturation training", also known as immersion training, to create a setting that wholly removes the actor from their daily lives and places them into a simulated environment pertinent to their specific role.  By removing the actor from their day-to-day routine and eliminating the distractions often imposed on them by work, family, outside interests and obligations, Team KDI is able to accelerate their rate of learning by maintaining a very high operational tempo during the educational process.  Through this approach, Team KDI is able to more efficiently and cost effectively, train actors in a shorter period of time than can be achieved "back home", thereby providing the actor with a learning experience that is second-to-none in realism and detail.

Our First Priorities: Safety - Convenience - Comfort

Team KDI is committed to creating a safe, convenient and comfortable environment for the actors that participate in our training programs.  We meet this commitment by providing the following local area and on-site services:

  • 24/7 uniformed security at our training centers

  • On-site emergency medical services ranging from EMT to Doctors

  • A range of accommodation choices from 5 Star local area hotels to RV's

  • Ground and helicopter transportation serving local area hotels, airports and city centers

  • On-site boutique services include hair, nails and massage

  • On-site craft service and complete catering

  • On-site international satellite phone with voice and data capability for convenient communication


Our Mission

To provide year-round tactical training to the entertainment industry in a convenient, private, safe and environmentally friendly location thereby enhancing the hiring and earning potential of actors who have completed our internationally recognized training programs.

A Win-Win for Everyone

For Studios and Producers The proven use of "saturation training" will significantly reduce the investment of time and money spent training an actor for a particular role.

For Directors - We will deliver a certified, trained actor to your set which will optimize your selection and production time.

For Actors - Providing "real-life" competencies in the skill sets required for the task at hand.  Thereby, adding confidence and productivity to the production.

Attention SAG / AFTRA:  Direct access to the Team KDI database of trained actors.

Entertainment Industry Training

Specialized training for actors performing in military, police, medical, martial arts, law, bodyguard, PI and border related roles.

Team KDI provides the entertainment industry with unique tactical training programs for actors preparing them for roles in police, military, bodyguard, martial arts, EMS, private investigator, law and border related projects.

Team KDI training programs are developed and taught by instructors who are currently operational in their areas of expertise.

We work with independent film makers and major movie studios to create Script Based Training Programs customized for the specific requirements of a movie or television project.

Team KDI provides tactical training and instruction for the following:

  • Police: Patrolman, Supervisor, Detective, Command Staff, Motorcycle Officer, SWAT, Traffic Investigator and Undercover.

  • Military: Soldier, Sailor, Airman, both Enlisted and Officer ranks.  Training for all military specialties from infantry to special operations.  We also provide period specific training from Revolutionary War era to present day events.

  • Border Related:  Border Patrol, Human Tracker, Tactical Operator, Aviation.

  • Medical: Emergency Medicine, Tactical Medicine, Combat Medicine, Medical Scripting.

Other roles include: International Bodyguard,  Lawyer, Martial Arts and Private Investigator.

Our courses are custom designed to educate and train actors on how to present themselves in a realistic and believable manner.  At the conclusion of a course, the actor will have gained skills, mannerisms and mindset to accurately portray one or more specific roles.  A Graduation Certificate and a continuing education Training Record (suitable for presentation at a casting call), will be issued to each actor upon successful completion.

KDI's Entertainment Industry Training

is now listed on Production Hub at:


Karl was featured on the

NPR program South Carolina

Business Review on Tuesday,

December 3rd, with host Mike

Switzer.  They talked about KDI's Entertainment Industry Training program. This show aired on South Carolina Public Radio.

Karl's credentials from the 74th

Annual Academy Awards.  

Celebrating the year Oscar

moved back to Hollywood.

An actor's testimonial -

"At this Saturday's workshop, KDI over-

delivered for six local actors!  Training

was based on real-life events, with real

equipment and very realistic training. 

They made us work together as a team.

Beyond the physical training, they shared

why we were doing it and shared many

of their personal experiences while on

the job. Thank you KDI for creating a

workshop beneficial for every actor." - Jason R.





Entertainment Venue Safety & Security Surveys

When an entertainment venue is selected by a promoter

or producer, ensuring the safety and security of the attendees

that will fill that venue becomes an absolute priority.  That's

where Team KDI gets involved.

Through the use of a five member team, we work with the

promoter, producer and the venue to conduct a thorough safety

and security audit of the facility and affected surrounding area. 

We look at it all!

The members of our survey team consist of:

- Fire Prevention Specialist (Firefighter)

- Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic)

- Structural Engineering Specialist

- Security / Law Enforcement Specialist

- Multi-disciplined Team Leader

Once our survey has been conducted, we can then recommend

the safety and security plans needed for that unique event.  And

we are happy to share our information with the insurance agency

obtained by the promoter or producer for the event.  Why?

Because hiring Team KDI demonstrates to insurance companies

that you have gone the extra step to bring in highly qualified safety and security experts to recommend the best solutions to keep your event safe and secure.

Our staff members have served on teams that have secured events for everyone from entertainers to government officials.  We are familiar with stadiums, outdoor venues, theaters, resorts and assembly halls.

Don't leave anything to chance. 




Set Security and Executive Protection Services

Through our state licensed security agency KDI Protective Services of South Carolina, we provide uniformed, armed security for production sets and locations anywhere in the State of South Carolina.

In addition, we are licensed to provide plain clothes executive protection (bodyguards) for talent and executives throughout the

State of South Carolina.  

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division License #3160.

The following KDI staff are members

of the Charlotte Film Society:

- Karl de la Guerra, PPS

- Rena Hawkins

- Frank Durochia


Course Announcement...

  • Tactical Training for Actors  (Internationally)

           - Script based training and training for short notice script re-writes

  • Venue Safety & Security Surveys and Assessments  (Internationally)

           - We work with event promoters and producers

  • Uniformed Security for Sets  (South Carolina)

           - State licensed security agency in South Carolina

  • Executive Protection for Talent and Executives  (South Carolina)

           - Formally trained and internationally experienced protection agents



Purchase Military Close Quarter Movement - $60.00


KDI is proud to announce an internship program we are now

offering in association with the University of South Carolina. 

Entertainment Industry Training Course

(A tactical training class for actors)

Situational Tactics for Police Roles 

When: Saturday, May 14, 2016

Time: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Where: KDI Tactical Operations Training Center

Your instructors:  Current tactical instructors

                               (Technical Role Experts)

Overview:  This class is designed for actors who would like to learn more about adding realism to police roles.  This class will provide the actor an opportunity to not only learn how this is supposed to look, but also perform these movements under the supervision of our Technical Role Experts.