KDI "The Protector" - Bodyguard Series

In addition to incorporating several features created by Karl de la Guerra for those working in close protection,  designer Richard Osborne has made a burlap infused resin handle that gets sticky when wet.  Kydex sheath comes with this knife.



If you've seen something from KDI that you like, this is the place to get your gear!

Items to be added in the near future include: 

  • Ball caps
  • Patches
  • Decals

At KDI we support our community!

We are proud to tell you

that 5% of all sales from

the KDI Pro Shop will be

donated directly to the

Mental Health Association

of Central Carolinas.


KDI Signature Mug

When you visit us at the KDI Tactical Operations Training Center in Charlotte, we'll offer you a cup of coffee in this exact mug.  This is the same mug you see our instructors traveling with on the road.


Please direct any product requests/inquiries to


A Richard Osborne signature line of

custom blades

KDI custom embroidered collared pull over shirt.

This is the team training shirt used by the members of Team KDI.

Available in Black and Red (pictured)       



KDI "The Protector" - Presentation Series

Featuring a Coco Bolo wood handle.

Comes in a dark wood presentation box.


KDI Ball Cap

Custom embroidered ball cap is the same worn by our training cadre while on assignment.

Comfortable, expandable size. 





KDI "The Protector" - Tactical Series

This knife has features that are specific

to the SOF / SWAT operator.  Shorter

than the Bodyguard, it is designed not

only as a knife but to be utilized as a

multi-tool when needed.  Comes with MOLE style sheath.  Black anodized blade

with no markings on the knife.


"The Protector" - Trainer

Presenting the trainer designed to go with this line of knives.  Made from g10 fiberglass reinforced resin.


KDI Koozie

One of our most requested items at training events is our koozie. Fits both bottles and cans.  Show who you train with!


Team KDI & Terrapin Bladeworks, the beginning of a proud tradition


Richard presenting to South Carolina

Training Officer Assn. Officer of the Year


Team KDI is proud to be working with knife maker Richard Osborne, owner of Terrapin Bladeworks of Charlotte, North Carolina,

The most important feature of all the knives in "The Protector" series, is they are custom made.  The handle of each knife is specifically measured and designed for the users individual hand. 

Because of the intricate customization to each knife, delivery time will vary.  At this time, the average time from order to delivery is approximately 7 weeks.