KDI Protective Services of South Carolina

Our services in South Carolina include:

  • Protection of Private Property
  • Corporate Protection
  • Patrol Operations (Vehicle and Bike)
  • Executive Protection (Bodyguards)
  • State-wide Response for Emergency Security Service

The State of South Carolina is unique, and the laws recognize

this when it comes to protecting both people and property.

In the State of South Carolina, a Security Officer has the same legal authority as a Deputy Sheriff when working on the property

we are contracted to protect.  At KDI Protective Services of

South Carolina, we stand ready to meet the needs and demands

of a professional protection force, because your liability is our number one concern.  That's why we have an internal training

program that exceeds the state's mandatory requirements, we

utilize state-of-the-art team and personal equipment, and our

selection of security officers only come from professional,

verified backgrounds in law enforcement, senior security staff

and U. S. military with honorable service records.

New threats are emerging in our world, and professional

protection is quickly replacing the traditional

"security guard" when critical services are needed.

We understand that your need for protection may arise at

any time.  For that reason, please feel free to contact us

at any hour.


Our team of advisors include professionals with years of

operational experience in their area of expertise:

Protective Operations Bureau

Robert A. Bonasia

Special Agent, United States Secret Service (Ret.)

Washington, D.C.


Patrol Operations Bureau

Mitch Roth

Chief of Police (Ret.)

Freehold, New Jersey


Special Operations Bureau

Charles Cooper

Chief of Fire and Rescue (Ret.)

Nassau County, Florida


Mental Health First Aid for Public Safety

(a national certification training program)

Kathryn Falbo-Woodson

Certified Mental Health Instructor

Charlotte, North Carolina


Travel Advisor for International Operations

Charlotte Robertson

Event Strategist

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Financial Crimes

Steven Vaughan

Certified Fraud Examiner

Charlotte, North Carolina


Crimes Against Art & Antiquities 

Rena Hawkins

International Fine Arts Consultant

Charlotte, North Carolina



KDI Protective Services of South Carolina - International Security Consulting - Protective Services Training


Special Services Offered by KDI Include:

  • Investigative Services (through a state licensed private investigation agency)
  • Medical Training/Operations/Intelligence
  • Scuba Dive Team
  • Tactical Training Group
  • Aviation Unit (Fixed Wing)

We are a private sector state wide response agency

supporting organizations and individuals that are

experiencing immediate critical security concerns.

We serve all 46 counties of South Carolina