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Atlanta based actor Kenneth Trujillo receiving

coaching for an upcoming role as a police officer

A member of the KDI Special Response Team

refining their marksmanship skills on the range

Mobile Training Team: Instruction at the Hungarian National Law Enforcement Academy in Budapest 

Sometime within the next twelve months, you or someone you know will be in need of our services.  When that time comes, our team stands ready.


Featured guest speaker Jonathan Wallace,

CEO of Native Executive Security of

Indianapolis, Indiana, presenting at the 

KDI International Executive Protection

Course (2015)

What's Being Said about Team KDI

"Your team has brought us peace of mind." - Gary Dickison, Owner, Bull Engineering

"A great team to work with!" - Robert Bonasia, United States Secret Service (Ret.)

"Your training course was filled with energy!" - Cason Bolton, Owner, Empire Protective Services

"Unquestionable professionalism." - Norman Finley, Professional Bodyguard, Dallas, Texas

"American protectors at their finest!" - Andrea Lee, Director of Corporate Communications

"Thank you Karl!  I thoroughly enjoyed your advanced SWAT course and learned the complexity of dealing with executive protection.  You have opened my eyes in this field of police work that I have not seen in my 32+ years of service.  The depth that you took the class was excellent and your team building skills showed me a new direction with my team.  I look forward to working with you again."

Captain Tim H.

Georgia Law Enforcement Officer

SWAT Team Commander

"I had the pleasure of hiring Mr. de la Guerra to provide security support for multiple domestic and international pharmaceutical sales meetings. His tremendous abilities never cease to amaze me!

During these meetings, I was his direct point of contact so we had the opportunity to work together closely.  I fully understand his capabilities and can personally vouch for Mr. de la Guerra's skills and abilities as a personal protection professional.

His incredible adaptability and knowledge allows him to provide flawless execution with the highest level of customer service.  His uncanny ability to anticipate client security needs makes meeting attendees feel comfortable and secure with him around. Mr. de la Guerra is team oriented and very ​attentive to details. He works well independently, completes tasks effectively and on time, has strong leadership skills and good interpersonal skills. His adaptability to be flexible allows him to effectively switch tactics based on the needs of the local environment.

He is not prone to making mistakes.  Perhaps it's because he is attuned to the fact that his actions can often times mean the difference between sustaining serious injuries and emerging from an emergency situation unharmed. 

I am supremely confident that Mr. de la Guerra can perform at a highly efficient level, regardless of the time of day, and respond to all the safety and security needs at a meeting or convention.  I consider him to be one of the best in his business."

Charlotte Robertson, CMP

Pharmaceutical Conventions & Meeting Manager


"The KDI Riot & Crowd Control course was exactly what I needed as a new Team Commander to better prepare me for the challenges of managing a Mobile Field Force in today's uncertain environment.  The built in Train-the-Trainer concept taught just about every aspect of crowd control from the planning phase to intelligence gathering and operations.  The section on networking with other agencies was invaluable!  I am confident that with the information I obtained in this week's training that I am knowledgeable to brief my command staff and build a professional and effective Mobile Field Force team.  Thank you!"

Detective Scott V.

Georgia Law Enforcement Officer

"Being in law enforcement for over a decade and being fortunate enough to go to many military and law enforcement courses, I am able to provide class critique that is of benefit to others who are wanting to take similar classes or are in similar field.  PRior to taking KDI's week long Executive Protection course, my mindset of executive protection was very narrow and limited to only what I saw from the immediate law enforcement side of doing the tedious ground work and supporting the "camera angle" guys who got all the limelight.  But after taking KDI's class, it really reaffirmed that this was truly teamwork.  No one person or element made the difference between mission failure or mission success. We learned that you succeed or fail as one!  In this course Karl and the entire KDI team bring you as close to the real thing as one can possibly imagine.  They don't just test your physical and mental abilities, they test your psychological fortitude and your willingness to see the mission through.  KDI is a company set on making you a VIP protection professional and they have the means and resources to provide you with valuable contacts and assets that will benefit you and your agency for years to come.  They have given me a new perspective to approach my daily work, whether patrol, investigations or tactical."

U.S. Police Officer

2014 Graduate of the KDI International Executive Protection Course

"For over ten years I have had the pleasure of working with Karl de la Guerra, at locations throughout the United States.  He has led numerous conference security details in support of our meetings and conventions.  Anyone that works with Karl see that he consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism and assimilates extremely well into the corporate environment.  His alert attention to detail, ability to immediately respond to a variety of situations and his extensive operational experience is truly commendable.  Recently, my son was involved in an international incident that made me realize Karl's true capacities as an international security consultant.  While working with Karl at a corporate event in Atlanta, Georgia, I had the unfortunate experience of being notified that my son, working on an overseas assignment as a professional diver for an American based company and his five crew members, had just been illegally detained in the country of Honduras.  They were now being held in a remote, primitive Honduran prison on a small isolated island.  As his mother, being in an unfamiliar city and not knowing where to start to manage this type of situation, I immediately turned to Karl for guidance.  Karl spent the next 72 hours wholly focused on this incident.  I can tell you, without question, that Karl has a very unique set of skills.  His breadth of knowledge in international protective services, his national and international contacts, his understanding of Central American culture and his years of operational experience, both here and abroad, led to the creation of a successful long-term strategy that saw the eventual release of my son, and the Aqua Quest crew.  I am forever grateful for Karl's professional expertise, his compassion for a very concerned mother and his absolute understanding of time critical international events."

Rosemary Carroll

Travel Director

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   


Launching an IBSSA event in Mexico City in

April, 2017 with three industry superstars.  

(L - R) The Shooter, The Driver, The Bodyguard.