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Upcoming Events at Team KDI


April, 2018

April 14 (Saturday)

- Church Security Course

Instructors: Safety 360 Team

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Topic: Countering The Active Shooter Training Course

April 21 (Saturday)

- Guest Speaker for the South Carolina Rheumatism Society

Speaker: Karl de la Guerra

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Topic: Countering an Active Shooter in the Workplace

April 24 (Tuesday)

- Document Signing Ceremony

Speaker: IBSSA Chairman of the Board Karl de la Guerra 

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Document signing ceremony between the Government of Mexico

and the IBSSA

May, 2018

May 5 - 11 (Monday - Friday)

- Advanced SWAT Course

Instructors: Karl de la Guerra (KDI) & Chris Owens (First Line Security & Training)

Location: Albany-Dougherty Metro SWAT, Albany, Georgia

Topics:  Officer Survival with an emphasis on Counter-Ambush Tactics

June, 2018

June 25 (Monday)

- Guest Speaker for the 2018 Annual Conference for the Southeastern Regional Council -

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)

Speaker: Karl de la Guerra

Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Topic: Countering an Active Shooter in the Workplace