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International Anti-Human Trafficking

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Press interview on the

newly formed Anti-Human 

Trafficking Project.

Sarasota, Florida, 2017

Locations represented in our project:

  • United States: North Carolina, Florida, Indiana, 

     Georgia, Arizona, California

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 
  • Jamaica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Great Britain
  • ​The Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Angola
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Serbia
  • Ukraine
  • Croatia
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Turkey
  • Cyprus
  • Singapore

The Heart of Our Project

The IBSSA International Anti-Human Trafficking Project is driven by our Bureau Chiefs.  Because of their unique knowledge of each operating area, Bureau Chiefs lead our global efforts.

Some of their efforts include forming NGO's within their respective countries, networking with government organizations and teaming with existing anti-human trafficking organizations.


A recent article from the

Hungarian Police Magazine

(Hekus) about the IBSSA

International Anti-Human

Trafficking Project.

The cover feature is the

Hungarian Minister of Interior

Mr. Sandor Pinter.

Special thanks to Lady Anna

Popper, the senior editor

of the Diplomat Magazine

for writing this article.

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The IBSSA International Anti-Human Trafficking Project is a private sector international network of business professionals

that provide education to government and non-government organizations in the area of human trafficking and serve as a 

focal point within their geographic area for the collection of open source information pertaining to human trafficking.

Through our collaboration with various government and non-government organizations around the world, our efforts as an

international network to combat human trafficking provide valuable assets and information to counter this crime of

international concern. 

The moment of decision.  Final words

presenting this program to the Board

of Directors.


IBSSA leadership under the direction of Sir George

Popper (third from left).  IBSSA Secretary General

Rony Kluger making opening remarks to the audience.

Sarasota, Florida 2017

The idea came to me one Saturday in July of 2016.  I was sitting on my couch at home having one of those

moments when you reflect on life and make a mental checklist of priorities.  At that time I had been a member

of IBSSA for 10 years, and their U.S. representative for half of those.

IBSSA, the International Bodyguard & Security Services Association, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.  

A beautiful old city that I've made many trips to since joining the IBSSA. Some of those trips were to teach

executive protection at the Hungarian National Law Enforcement Academy, and others were spent with my

friend and international mentor Sir George Popper, the President of IBSSA.  Some of my fondest memories

are of days spent with Sir George in his backyard while he explained to me the international workings of IBSSA.  

The network, the business and the personalities involved all fascinated me.  To be a part of such a vast organization 

and to be among the ranks of some of the finest security professionals in the world has always been an honor.

So on that particular July day while sitting on my couch, I felt the need to create something new, something dynamic within the IBSSA.  The topic of human trafficking had been picking up momentum within our association over the past five years, so I messaged Sir George to find out if anyone in the organization had successfully created an IBSSA group specifically to counter this international crime of human trafficking.  Sir George replied shortly after receiving my message, and indicated that while this was a prominent topic, no one had brought this idea to fruition.  

I began putting paper to pen (or fingers to keyboard), and by the end of that evening had sketched out an idea for the first IBSSA International Anti-Human Trafficking Project.

The first thing I set about doing was locating IBSSA members in various countries to serve as what we would call Bureau Chiefs.  They would be the focal points for their respective geographic areas.  Then I contacted organizations that I believed would be significant partners in this project.  Finally, I began attending every local area meeting regarding human trafficking that I could find.  I knew that this would be a project that I would have to educate myself on quickly!

By October, we had recruited twenty three Bureau Chiefs and partnered with the University of North Carolina

Charlotte (UNCC).  In February, 2017, during the IBSSA annual conference (this year held in Sarasota, Florida),

I presented the first IBSSA International Anti-Human Trafficking Project to our senior leadership.  That day we

formally launched the project with the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors.  

Welcoming members and guests to 

the 20th Annual IBSSA International

Conference in Sarasota, Florida