Specialty Munitions

KDI Mobile Security Command Unit 

Our agency operates a 2016 GMC 4-wheel drive vehicle, equipped and staffed to support any urban or rural event

Our mobile security command unit is a vital component to any event requiring a forward based C3I* platform.  This vehicle can be dispatched to the scene of any public or private event, or emergency, to act as a hub for your critical communications.  In addition, we bring you the ability to sustain on-site managers and relay time-sensitive information to decision makers from any accessible location.

*Command, Control, Communications and Information






Power Generator



Area Lighting


Video / Photo




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Our Mobile Command Unit deploys with four staff members assigned to the KDI Special Response Team (SRT). 

Our standard Mobile Command Team includes the following supervisory personnel:

- 1 Command Post Operator

- 1 Medic

- 1 Specialty Equipment Operator

- 1 Bike Patrol Officer

Depending upon the requirements of the particular assignment, staffing may be augmented as necessary.



- Voice and Data Satellite Communications (linked to the Iridium Satellite Network)

- Satellite Tracker (Garmin InReach SE+)

- Two-way Radios

- Ham Radio

- Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot (4G LTE)

- Satellite Radio (XM)

- Cell Phones

- Blue Tooth Connectivity 

- OnStar and OnStar Phone Service

- Conference Call (800 Number)

- Skype

- Laptops

​- iPads

​- Printer

Basic Rescue (water, low-angle rappel, structural)

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)  


Medical - 

Trauma Bags

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Medical Oxygen

Rapid Deployment Litter

Skid Litter

Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) with Tourniquets

(KDI Team Medics include Paramedic, EMT and TECC certifications.  All team members are certified in First Aid, CPR and AED)

"No matter how well you have been trained,

if you are not supported with the proper

equipment, you are at a deficit."