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Some additional comments about Karl's public speaking...

"It is with pleasure and a sense of professionalism that

I share my thoughts on the expertise of Karl de la Guerra

as he presents some of the most powerful information a

speaker can share.  Karl's experiences, empathy and

enthusiasm create a very memorable presentation. 

Listening to him, you are aware that he speaks from the

heart and not his handouts.  Karl has the skill set to share

and simplify information that makes him the expert you

want to listen to for his entire presentation.  When a

speaker has a message that is memorable, delivers it

with pride and enthusiasm, and has the expertise and

education, you have the best qualities for learning. 

Without hesitation I recommend Karl de la Guerra for

any of his presentations." 

Wayne Paprocki

- 2017 Illinois Real Estate Educator of the Year

- 2017 - 2019 Illinois Realtors Board of Directors

- Master Certified Negotiations Experts and Certified Trainer

- Distinguished Real Estate Instructor

"From the moment I first interviewed Karl for a story, I knew

he'd be my guy.  Someone I'd go  back to every time I needed

an expert.  He's passionate about protecting others and loves

what he does.  While he's so entrenched within his area of

expertise, Karl makes the topic easy to understand for the

viewer.  That's always a big plus!  In the television business,

it's difficult sometimes to secure an expert for an interview at

the last minute, but Karl always makes himself available and

that goes a long way to help improve the finished product."

David Spunt

TV Reporter

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

"I have had the pleasure of being a part of several of Karl

de la Guerra's training seminars.  Two things that I find very

intriguing are his mastery of the material and his ability to

clearly and concisely communicate the details.  Karl has

developed a significant following through his captive and

inviting style of engaging his audience.  Many people are

repeat attendees at Karl's presentations because of his ability

to connect with the public and deliver his message.  I look

forward to his next speaking engagement!"

Sal Saldarriaga

Detective, City of New York (NYPD Ret.)