Social Responsibility Statement for Karl de la Guerra, Inc. 

We recognize that our social, environmental and ethical conduct in business has an impact on our reputation and the reputation of those companies we are associated with.  We therefore take our corporate social responsibility seriously and are committed to the to advancing the policies and procedures in place across this branding group to ensure that all aspects of corporate social responsibility are in compliance.  These include ethical behavior, concern for the health of others, compliance with safety and security standards and to aggressively care for the environment.  

Karl de la Guerra, Inc. strives to be a community partner and maintain a high level of community involvement through work with volunteer organizations, humanitarian missions and international confraternities.  

We strive to maintain productive and open dialogue with all who may have an interest in our brand, including partners, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors.  We have established programs to work closely with our customer base, enhance supplier performance and encourage active feedback  from those around us.

We maintain this website to provide pertinent information to the public and to serve as a means through which to contact us.

Social responsibility is a priority and we are committed to developing and implementing appropriate policies, while adhering to a fundamental commitment to create and sustain long term value for our customers.  As a brand, driven largely by customer service and human resources, the product we offer is primarily  the talent and skills of the people with whom we associate our business.

To the best of our knowledge, our brand or any of our associated brands, do not present significant environmental risk.

If anyone has a concern regarding the corporate social responsibility of Karl de la Guerra, Inc., or the corporate responsibility of any of our business associates, please do not hesitate to notify us through the contact page of this website.



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