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2019 has proven to be a landmark year for our training programs at KDI, specifically our Dignitary Protection courses.  Instructed at three levels; basic, intermediate and advanced, we trained over 16 law enforcement agencies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

What makes our basic Dignitary Protection program so unique is that our students receive 80-hours of 100% scenario based immersion training over a period of seven days.  This makes for some long hours, but a very fulfilling educational experience.  Upon the successful completion of this course, each student is able to bring this knowledge back to their respective departments and serve on a protection detail.

The month of March will mark the launch of our 2020 training programs for both Dignitary Protection and Tactical Operations.  Each of our courses will be posted on this page.  Course registration can be made over the phone for any of our training programs.  Just give us a call.

* Please note there will be a modification in our pricing beginning in 2020.




As a community service, KDI instructors will come to any group or organization in the Carolinas and provide instruction on Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events.  This course was developed in 2004 by ALERRT at Texas State University and provides strategies, guidance and a proven plan for surviving an active shooter event.

There is no cost for this program.


At Team KDI it's our outstanding line-up of dedicated instructors and support staff that makes our training programs unique, in-depth and meaningful.  All dignitary protection programs should be instructed based upon doctrine.  So what you experience during each training course you attend throughout your career, is the richness each individual instructor brings to their topic.  It's for this reason that our staff is internationally experienced, currently operational in their field of instruction, and very diverse.

Jonathan Wallace, EPS - Senior Instructor

Jonathan is the owner of Native Executive Security in Indianapolis, Indiana and brings years of international executive protection experience to his courses.  Jonathan is an NRA Firearms Instructor and a graduate of ESI, BSR, Thunder Ranch and a variety of Israeli military workshops.  He's also a licensed pilot for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, having successfully completed four different flight schools.   

Robert Bonasia - Senior Instructor, Protective Services

Robert is retired from the United States Secret Service and a former member of the NYPD Emergency Services Unit (ESU).  He brings over 30 years of operational experience to KDI.

Tony Connot, PA-C - KDI Medical Officer and Instructor, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Tony is a certified Physician Assistant and is lead instructor for our Tactical Emergency Casualty Care training program.  Tony is a decorated combat veteran who served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

Mark Oliphant - Instructor, Protective Intelligence

Mark is retired from the United States Secret Service where he served as Special Agent in Charge of the London Field Office and later as a manager at USSS Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Mike Csoke -  Instructor, Defensive Tactics

Mike is retired from the Hamilton Police Service in Canada where he served as supervisory agent on their national fugitive task force.  Mike is a career martial artist with extensive international instructor experience.

Attila Kutas - Instructor, Rescue Swimmer

Attila is a full time diving instructor in Pompano Beach, Florida and holds numerous certifications in diving to include IDC Staff Instructor for PADI and an Instructor Trainer for SSI.  Attila is a certified law enforcement diving instructor trainer and course developer of our KDI Rescue Swimmer Course.

Herbert Maier, PhD - Educational Systems Development and Instructor, Defensive Tactics

Dr. Maier comes to KDI with years of educational background and is a Master Instructor in Wing Chun.

Donald Belin - Instructor, Tactical Operations

Donald retires this year after 21 years as a law enforcement tactical operator and police SWAT instructor.